2 Tips to Help You Extend the Lifespan of Your Window Films – Our Guide

2 Tips to Help You Extend the Lifespan of Your Window Films - Our Guide

Installing window films in your home is a great investment. It brings plenty of benefits that not only improve the aesthetics of your property but also allow you to enjoy greater privacy and cut down on energy costs. In some ways, window film also improves the security of your house by making your windows more durable and harder to break.

That said, while we all wish that window film installations can last forever, they need proper care if you want them to withstand the test of time. The material will eventually deteriorate. Some have a lifespan of ten years while high-quality ones can last up to 25 years, not to mention the drop in performance over the course of that period.

If you want to maintain your window film’s effectiveness and maximise its life, here’s what you need to do:


1. Allow it to set

If you’ve recently installed window films, you will need to leave them to cure for a while. They need to dry out completely before you do anything to them. Otherwise, you risk ruining the installation and even void its warranty.

Why is the drying phase critical? That is because, during installation, moisture can make its way under the film. You might notice tiny water bubbles on the surface or that the entire window becomes cloudy. This is normal, so whatever you do, remember not to touch the film. If you’re patient, the moisture will eventually go away on its own.

Now, how long this stage will take will mostly depend on the climate conditions of your area. For instance, if you live in a relatively cold place, it will take much longer than in a place with more heat. This can be anywhere between a few days to a few months. However, the average film can dry out in approximately one month.

Once again, do not try anything to speed up the process. All you have to do is wait. You will know that it has dried once the bubbles are gone and that the cloudy appearance has disappeared.


2. Clean it often

Only after the window film has completely dried out should you go ahead and clean it. All you need is some soapy water and a squeegee, and you can clean the window the same way you would usually clean your car windows.

If you do not have a squeegee, you can use a standard glass cleaner as well. Just note that if you do clean the side where the film is, do not use any wiping material that’s hard and abrasive. Otherwise, you risk scratching the film and ruining the fixture permanently, forcing you to have to replace it.



As you can see, it takes barely any effort to clean your window films. In fact, you would treat them like you would any other window—minus the waiting part for it to dry completely. That said, make it a habit to regularly clean your windows. This means that if you spot any dirt on it, get rid of it immediately. That way, your window film can effectively do its job, blocking out the sun and keeping your home nice and cozy.

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