A Layer Of Security – 3 Ways Window Tint Can Boost Your Safety

A Layer Of Security - 3 Ways Window Tint Can Boost Your Safety

Gone are the days when window films were once restricted to high-style vehicles. In recent years, it has become a pragmatic addition in residential neighborhoods as homeowners saw how the tints could add a layer of privacy and security to their window treatments, all for a friendly cost. 

The best part about window tints is that it enables people to enjoy an undisrupted view of the great outdoors without letting passers-by take a peek of your interior space. However, there’s more to window tint than meets the eye, primarily in the level of protection it can offer to your home. 


Exploring Different Ways Security Film Can Save Your Life

Benefit #1: Window Tints Protects You Against Flying Debris 

In the event of natural disasters such as storms, the heavy winds often leave a wake of destruction in its path by flinging debris all over the place. When a heavy material hits your windows, having a security film applied on the surface can encapsulate the glass. 

While it doesn’t make your windows invulnerable to breakage, tints can significantly reduce the damage by holding the broken shards of glass together upon receiving acute impact from external forces with a speed of up to 170 mph. 


Benefit #2: Window Tints Mitigate Criminals From Breaking And Entering 

Leaving your windows bare may look good in pictures as the natural light washes the room in a soft, warm glow, but sacrificing your privacy in the name of aesthetics will only tempt potential burglars to take a peek at your valuables. 

By installing window tints, you can mitigate the risks of smash-and-grabbing instances by preventing criminals from seeing inside your home. The film also increases the glass’s strength, making it difficult to break into your premises completely. 


Benefit #3: Window Tints Provide Solar Protection 

While basking under the sun feels good, the harmful rays can do extensive damage to both your skin and belongings. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can result in skin cancer in the worst-case scenario, while items next to tall windows can lead to discolouration. 

With window tints, the film can block up to 99 percent of the harmful rays, allowing visible light to penetrate the room without damaging effects. 


The Bottom Line: How Window Tints Can Protect You In Different, Life-Threatening Situations 

Tinting your windows go beyond enhancing your privacy in commercial buildings or vehicles. Still, it can be an excellent addition to your window treatments at home due to the reasons stated above. With the ability to increase your windows’ strength and protect your space in more ways than one, there’s no doubt that security films are a worthwhile investment. 


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