An Introduction to Window Tinting – Our Guide

An Introduction to Window Tinting - Our Guide

Window tinting has modified the thermal properties of windows and enhances its aesthetics for years now. Car and boat tinted windows are examples of windows that undergo treatment to enrich the ornamental appeal while giving sun protection to the eyes. Window tinting uses a thin laminate film that is fitted to both the interior and exterior panes of windows. It is usually made from a thermoplastic polymer resin called Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET for short.

The result of window tinting produced darkened windows that vary in grade, colour, shade, and thickness. The benefits of this service include UV filtration and thermal insulation, but some consumers use them as decoration.


Window Tints Are Decorative

A dark shade adds a dramatic effect as light passes through a tinted window. Because of that, it makes windows more aesthetically attractive for the eyes. Since it only involves the addition of a thin film over a window, it is easier and cheaper to install rather than customizing a decorative window from an artisan.

You can add any patterns or shapes to your window tints – the sky is the limit! Use window tinting to transform simple pieces of glass into magnificent works of art. Young and funky designs are perfect for kid’s rooms since they help create a playful atmosphere. Add a cartoon character or two to your tinted windows, and your kids can appreciate their personal space better because of the added visual appeal.


Give an Extra Sense of Security

Transparent windows are susceptible to privacy invasion with creepy stalkers lurking around and possibly thieves who can study the layout of your home. Each one of us has our horror story walking with clear glass windows or doors. Home window tinting can dispel those irrational fears while improving the aesthetic charm of your windows. Home window tinting improves privacy by blocking sight from any prying eyes peeping into your home.

Also, glass walls pose a threat to the safety of individuals. Someone can walk into them or worse, break them accidentally. It’s unavoidable since glass walls have virtually no warning when people are near them. Try to add tint with patterned bands, lines, or circles on transparent glass walls to make them more visible. Because of that, you can avoid accidents in the future.


It Works Like a Sunscreen

Tinted windows and glass block up to 99% of ultraviolet rays or UV rays. UV rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that can stimulate skin aging and cause skin cancer. More prolonged exposure to UV rays results in skin damage like burns, hyperpigmentation, premature aging, and skin cancer. If you’re not a fan of the darkened tint colour, consider transparent window films that also offer UV protection from UVA and UVB rays.

One study completed in the US says that 53% of skin cancers happen on the left side of the body, which connects to the driver’s side. For people whose source of living is driving transportation, tinted window films provide a game-changing advantage that helps protect against the risk of skin cancer.

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