Antimicrobial Films

Common features

• Scientifically tested and proven to kill Coronavirus
• 24/7 protection for 5 years
• Prevention of Coronavirus spread
• Protects inaccessible areas
• Reduces bacteria clusters
• Conforms to ISO 22196 standards
• Can be applied to any flat or curved surface

Why should we invest in Antimicrobial films?

During these times, the safety of our wider community is the greatest concern. The installation of antimicrobial films will provide the greatest protection from COVID-19.

What is it?

Antimicrobial films act as a laminate over flat and curved surfaces to kill 99%+ of germs. These innovative films provide the highest protection against bacteria and germs for the safety of communities.

How does it work?

Applied directly to high contact surfaces, antimicrobial films work to kill bacteria and germs upon contact to decrease the rate of contamination and spread.

Pure Zone was commercialised in Europe in 2013 and recently tested to pass ISO 21702 verifying that it kills 95% of Coronavirus in the first 15 minutes and 99.9% after one hour.

Who can install it?

Antimicrobial films should be applied by trusted window tinters with industry knowledge. This will ensure a safe and professional install to curved and intricate surfaces efficiently. 

Where can the film be applied?

Due to the nature of the film, it can be applied on both flat and curved surfaces which are areas for high contact including:

  • Railings / handles
  • Counters / display cabinets
  • POS Systems 
  • Doors
What if I need large amounts of film?

Stock is limited. For large quantities of film, speak with our reps:

ph: 1300 669 380


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