Benefits of 3M Window Film and Products

3M Window Films

The energy crisis is real, and it will continue to be a problem as technology progresses. We are able to do more things than ever, thanks to the discoveries and advancements that we were able to achieve, but many of these things consume more energy as well. If we want to have a better society and a world to live in the future, we need to be more concerned about the environment.

Being energy-efficient isn’t something that you occasionally do, but it’s a lifestyle that you have to commit to. There are a lot more benefits to this lifestyle than you may think. First off, you can save a considerable amount of money by choosing appliances with a good energy efficiency rating. Furthermore, you will be reducing the size of your carbon footprint with these options, increasing your contribution to a better world.

This is where 3M Window Film comes in. These top quality products can give you additional comfort while saving you money in the long run. If you’re interested in learning more about how 3M products can help you save money, read on and find out what they can do for you!

Energy Savings, Heat Control, and More!

There are two main benefits to using 3M window tinting products: energy-saving potential and top-quality heat control. As mentioned, these window tints can help you to save energy through the prevention of heat exchange. Untinted windows are where the heat in your home escapes during the winter, and it’s where the heat comes in the most during the summer. This means that both your heater and AC will be working double time in order to maintain a consistent temperature in your home.

3M window films can help to provide some insulation to the windows, blocking the heat and the cold produced by the AC system from escaping the room. You can keep your AC on a low setting and enjoy the same level of comfort without having to crank the system up to a higher setting. This can reduce your spendings on energy bills, as well as increase the longevity of the AC system, meaning that you won’t have to pay as much for maintenance and repairs.

3M Prestige Sun Control Window Films:

  • Will help you to block out up to 97% of harmful infrared and UV rays
  • Will prevent sun damage to your furniture and appliances
  • Will make your rooms more comfortable
  • Will reduce screen glare
  • Will cut down your energy spending
  • Offer long and inclusive warranty policies

3M Commercial Warranty

3M believes in their high-quality products, and they believe that it’s important to win the trust of their customers. This is why they offer such an extensive warranty package. Listed below are the types of damage that a 3M warranty covers:

  • Blistering
  • Bubbling
  • Cracking
  • Crazing
  • Delamination
  • Discoloration / Purpling
  • Peeling
  • Glass Breakage
  • Seal Failure

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