Common Myths Against Window Film, Debunked

Common Myths Against Window Film, Debunked

Window film is a thin vinyl that is applied to glass and serves a variety of purposes. It can reduce the sunlight and glare, give the people inside a little privacy, and enhance the design of your property. It is a practical material that can be used for many purposes!

While there are so many different ways to use window film, there are some misconceptions surrounding it. Here is a list of solved myths, as well as some examples of how this product could become a great addition to your home or workplace.


1. Window films make the interior of your property too dark

This misconception started in the auto tinting industry because people think that the only window films that existed were the ones that would tint car windows! Cars offer only a limited amount of space, and most people choose to have their car windows tinted so that they can have some privacy while driving. 

It will be a different case for homes or buildings, where there is more space for natural light to illuminate, and there are more types of window films that can be used. While there are options for a heavily darkened interior, there are those that are merely lightly tinted to provide more light!


2. Window film was designed to be cheaply manufactured for old buildings

Older homes and buildings are usually fitted with single pane glass windows, so it would be sensible to have a layer of premier film attached as an added security measure. However, even with the latest advancements in manufacturing and technology, some new homeowners and office spaces still want to invest in additional ultraviolet and anti-glare protection. This is readily available with window film!

If you’re wondering whether window film is flimsy or too delicate to actually help, the answer is no. Commercially installed window films have been researched and developed extensively by professionals in the industry for years. It’s designed to last for as long as possible so that you can make the most out of every purchase.


3. Installing window film will negatively affect your house plants

If you were an owner of house plants and you also plan on getting window film installed, then there’s no need to worry. Window film can block harmful UV rays; however, the red and blue light rays that plants need can still pass through with no problem! 

In any case, window film could be good for your plants. Thanks to the UV rays being blocked out, it keeps your plants at a safe temperature—mitigating the plants from taking too much heat.


4. You can’t clean your windows after getting window film installed

This is absolutely false. If you could not clean your windows after applying the window film, then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the benefits of having one in the first place because of all the smudge and dirt that would accumulate. 

Window film is cleaned just like any other window; the only difference is that we recommend you avoid cleaning it for thirty days after it is installed! A professional installation company should leave your windows squeaky clean after they install the film so that they can last through the waiting period. 



Window films are not an indication that something is wrong with the quality of glass that you have, or that the building you are in is falling apart. It’s an affordable and convenient way of upgrading all the qualities that your window panes already have. This is why so many people and businesses choose to invest in window films—it’s simply a good investment to protect your property!

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