Creative Ways to Style Your Windows for a Cozy WFH Setup

Creative Ways to Style Your Windows for a Cozy WFH Setup

The COVID-19 pandemic took many workers captive in their own homes. That is why employees in a work-from-home (WFH)  setup had to look for a workable space somewhere around their houses and turn it into a mini-office. However, maintaining productivity while at home is easier said than done due to many factors that can affect your workflow. Among these factors is the conduciveness of the makeshift home office.

To foster productivity and increase your motivation while working from home, you need to establish the perfect ambience in your home office. And one of the best ways to do this is choosing the right home office window treatment. 

You may be surprised to learn that your window has a significant impact on your home office’s setup. Your window should let in some light and warmth from the sunshine while maintaining a comfortable temperature. Sounds perfect, right?

There are lots of home office window curtains, window film, and window blinds you can choose from. So get your windows ready for a makeover that will turn your not-so-cozy home office into a comfortable working area that will keep you productive and happy throughout the day. Here are some of the treatments you can consider incorporating into your home office windows:


5 Home Office Window Treatment Ideas for Your WFH Setup

1. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for privacy-oriented workers. Using vertical blinds will give you the right mix of natural light, a corporate look, and some measure of privacy. These kinds of home office window treatments are best paired with sliding glass doors, too!

2. Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are one of the top choices for home office windows. They provide an excellent aesthetic with their natural look and elegant vibe. Wood blinds best suit French doors. The light coming off the wood blinds promotes alertness and creativity, two essential elements for work productivity.

3. Roller Blinds

If your workspace is relatively small, you can use roller blinds on your windows to make the area look extra spacious! The best thing about using roller blinds is that they come in different colours, textures, and patterns. Roller blinds also give you the option to roll them up when you feel distracted and roll them down to give your room energy.

4. Dark Wood Shutters

If you want to set up your workspace with a traditional feel, you can opt for dark wood shutters. Your dark-coloured desk, cabinets, and drawers will be an excellent complement to dark wood shutters. They add richness and depth to your workspace, making your home office a comfortable place to stay for long hours.

5. Home Window Film

Home window film is a fantastic window treatment if your concern is protecting your computer and other office equipment from damage due to sun exposure. Window film gives your workspace a comfortable temperature as it allows enough natural sunlight without compromising your privacy. Window film suppliers will help you choose the best window film to adorn your home office window.



Choosing the best treatment for your home office window provides extra comfort, allowing you to work with ease and convenience. A relaxing and pleasant-looking work environment definitely adds inspiration and boosts productivity. Start planning your window treatment that best suits your workspace.

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