How Anti-Graffiti Window Films Help Save Money on Repairs

Tagging in business districts is, unfortunately, a common occurrence and can be costly to remove. Acts of vandalism such as graffiti can interrupt business operations and even damage your reputation, putting many companies in a financial bind as no amount of scrubbing or chemical solvent can repair it.

This means that you will have to replace the windows on your storefront or install a new bathroom mirror every time unsightly scribbles come up. The worst, however, is that you can spend a few hundred on fixing it without the assurance that it won’t get vandalized again in the future.

How Anti-Graffiti Window Film Can Be Your Solution

Investing in an anti-graffiti window film is a cost-effective way of preventing various forms of vandalism like acid etching, scratching, spray painting, and permanent markers as the material is made of a flexible and durable piece of polyester that is held in place through sticky adhesives.

It resembles glass and makes it hard to tell the difference between the window film and the actual surface, but the best feature is that it’s hard to scratch and deface. In a case where vandals still get to strike, the layer of the film affected is quickly and economically replaceable. You can apply anti-graffiti film in various areas through a commercial building, such as the following:

  • Bathroom stalls and mirrors
  • Bus stops and benches
  • Handrails
  • Train cars and transit interiors
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Glass walls and windows

To that end, other benefits include:


Anti-graffiti window film is made from heavy-gauge security films, which are shatter-resistant to keep shards in place in the event of a disaster such as smash-and-grab intrusions, violent storms, earthquakes, harsh winds, and more. This minimizes any damages that may happen as a result of breakage, keeping occupants safe from flying, broken glass. Not to mention, it is also resistant to scratches, which keeps it safe from vandalism or glass tagging.

UV Protection

Just like a traditional window film, some anti-graffiti window film can block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This helps reduce glare and heat from entering homes, business buildings, as well as vehicles. By blocking UV rays, window tinting also protects furnishings, upholstery, painting, and tapestries from degrading or fading as an after-effect of sunlight streaming through the home, office, or car windows.

The Bottom Line: Anti-Graffiti Window Film as an Investment for Business Owners 

An anti-graffiti window film can deter vandalism as it is a thick, durable material that has high resistance against scratches and can easily blend in with its surroundings. Though it can still fall victim to other acts of graffiti such as spray painting or permanent markers, the film can be easily removed, which significantly lower the costs and saves tons of money on repairs.

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