How Can Home Window Tints Prevent Your Artificial Turf From Melting

How Can Home Window Tints Prevent Your Artificial Turf From Melting

Artificial turf is popular today because of its low upkeep and close resemblance to natural grass. Because of these, many homeowners have switched to artificial grass to cover their lawn. However, a frequent issue with this type of material is high temperatures that may cause it to melt. This leaves many homeowners confused as to what to do about it.

If you are facing a similar problem and want to address it permanently, one solution is to purchase window tint to lessen the amount of heat that is reflected onto your lawn. Find out more about this in the sections below.


What’s Causing Your Artificial Turf To Melt?

Your artificial turf is melting not because it’s under full sun exposure. This type of grass is actually designed to withstand the sun’s rays. Instead, your windows are most likely the culprit.

Artificial turf has a high melting point of 200 degrees. Windows, especially the energy-efficient ones, magnify the sun’s rays and reflect them back to the grass to the point of melting it. This phenomenon is not limited to just windows, though. Any reflective surface can magnify the sun’s rays, which means that you could observe the same effect with other, older types of windows.


What Can You Do About It?

Your house obviously needs windows, so taking them out is not an option. Moreover, energy-efficient windows are incredibly beneficial because they keep the house cooler and reduce your electricity bills. The best way to address this problem, then, is to buy window tint.

Window tint will act as barriers to the sun’s harmful rays. It can filter the sun’s rays before they reach the window and reflect onto your turf. If the light is prevented from making contact with the glass, then there is nothing to reflect, therefore keeping your artificial grass safe.

Aside from tinting your windows, make sure to keep any heat-producing equipment away from the lawn. Ensure that equipment is far enough to prevent damage. Additionally, designate a safe smoking spot away from your lawn in case anyone smokes in your household.

Finally, make sure to water your lawn as much as you can to keep it cool, especially during the summer months.


Choosing A Window Tint

There are a lot of window tints to choose from today. If you’re unsure, a reliable window film company can help you choose the right one. Research and ask around for a reliable window tint company in your area.


Repairing Damaged Turf

Once you have window tint already installed, it’s time to pay attention to your damaged turf. Unless the melting is extensive, you can fix it on your own. It’s easy to do—all you need to do is cut away the damaged area and patch it up to look brand new.



These tips will help you protect your lawn from the harmful rays of the sun. The most effective solution is to buy window tint. Window tint can significantly help you keep your artificial grass looking great. At the same time, you get indoor benefits as well.

A window film installed on your home windows can add more privacy, security, and protection. It can also help keep the house cool during the summer season. Now, all you need to do is find an excellent company to help you with window tinting your home.

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