How Much Car Window Tint Costs in 2020 – What to Know

How Much Car Window Tint Costs in 2020 - What to Know

Car window tints are effective solutions to protect the driver from glare that could impair their vision. As such, more and more car owners are becoming interested in installing window tints on their vehicles. There are different types of window tints, and depending on many factors, the cost for your car window tint will fluctuate.

Below are the things you need to know about car window tinting and how much you can expect your car tint to cost in 2020.


Types of tinting films

First of all, it’s important to consider having a professional to install your window tints. They will know which type of film will be suitable for your preference, and which ones will help you while you’re on the road.

There are three main types of window tints for cars:


1. Ceramic Window Tints

This type of film is the best in the market. Ceramic films don’t contain any metal or dye that can affect the quality of the tint. Ceramic window films contain only ceramic particles that are non-conducive. Because of these advanced features, ceramic window tints are around the expensive side.


2. Carbon Window Tints

These tints contain carbon particles, which help in keeping the car’s interior cooled. Carbon window tints don’t fade quickly. However, these films do poorly in eliminating glare, which means that the driver could still encounter glare at some point. Even so, carbon window tints are still amazing films when it comes to affordability and functionality.


3. Dyed Window Tints

Dyed window tints are the most affordable in the market. Because they only use a dye, which can easily fade over time due to exposure to UV rays. Still, dyed window tints can still do an amazing job in reducing glare and keeping your car cooled, except they’re not as effective as ceramic window tints.


Cost of tinting for car types

1. Sedans

If you’re installing window tints on your sedan vehicle, the cost for tinting will be around $50–$150 per window, depending on the film. If you’re planning to get dyed window tints, expect to spend around $300 for your whole car to be tinted.


2. Coupes

Coupes normally have steep and curved-shape windows, which increases the difficulty of installing window tints. Because of the increase in labour costs, you can expect to pay around $150–$450 for the window tinting of your vehicle. Depending on the film type, expect to spend more, especially if you go for ceramic tints.


3. Trucks

Since trucks are bigger, tinting the vehicle will take more time and effort. Expect to pay around $350–$600 for a comprehensive window tinting of your truck.


4. SUVs

Surprisingly, you have a cheaper choice for tinting an SUV. The price for a comprehensive window film installation starts at $250. However, there are also more expensive options, and depending on the film type, tinting your SUV can cost up to $750.



By considering the above factors, you can estimate your budget for your car window tints properly. While there are expensive options, car window tinting in 2020 is generally way cheaper than it used to be because tint materials are abundant in the market.

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