How much does window tinting cost?

When looking for top window tinting products, the cost is one of the most important factors to consider. Usually, window tinting prices can range from $55 to $210 per square metre, GST-inclusive. However, pricing can be subject to change based on the quality, size, type of window films and the process of installation.

Most homeowners notice that their indoors are a lot warmer when they use an untinted window since it allows more light to pass through. That’s why most of them choose to invest in tinted windows to lessen the amount of heat that enters their homes, prevent possible damage to furnishings and curtains from UV rays and help improve privacy.

How Much Are Window Tinting Labour Prices?

Most window tinting experts commonly charge for labour/installation around $15 to $20 per square metre. But in some cases, they offer an hourly charge based on location. Expect additional charges for other services like taking measurement and cutting. To be sure, you can discuss and clarify the pricing aspects with your window film installer before starting the project. This will help prevent future misunderstandings about the project. It will also help you compare quotations to make sure that you’ve chosen a more affordable yet reliable window tint installer.

There are times homeowners provide their own films to be installed by professionals. However, you need to be ready to spend on additional tinting products supplied by your local window tinting experts.

Factors That Affect Window Tinting Costs

The following factors are the main determinants of the cost of any window tinting project:


  1. The Type of the Window Films

The type of window film to be installed is a determinant of the price to be spent. Their quality and features contribute to the costs of the tinting films, whether it is for commercial or residential installation. Typically, the costs may range on the following:

  • $40 to $55 per m2: for reflective films that can reduce the amount of heat
  • $55 to $70 per m2: for non-reflective films that help make the glass window appear dark outside
  • $90 to $140 per m2: for clear films
  • About $190 per m2: For low emissivity films that heightens insulation

There are still other frosted or decorative films that may have different price variations.

  1. Complexity

When you choose to install more intricate or irregularly shaped window panes, you must expect to spend more on them. This is because a window tinting expert will have to cut special and customised film shapes to fit in the glass windows. Keep in mind that additional labour costs will be charged for that.

Another factor that can influence the overall cost of window tinting is property access. Therefore, if your home is a two-storey property, installation of the window film can be challenging. Installers will have to use tools or equipment such as scaffolding to reach all the windows.


  1. Number and Size of the Windows

When computing the costs of a window tinting project, consider the window’s number and size. If the professionals are dealing with several windows, they will need more window films; therefore, higher fees on installations and materials will be incurred.


  1. Extra Labour

Some extra labour requires additional fees. For example, if the installers need to remove the old films from the windows, this entails additional costs. Make sure to clarify the arrangement and pricing if extra labour will be added to the project.


When considering a window tinting project, it is crucial to understand first the factors that determine the cost. Once you’ve found reliable window tinting experts, discuss with them the matters about pricing and other cost inclusions. If you really want to achieve a high-quality result, make sure to work with a company that is already experienced in the tinting industry.

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