Avery Dennison Exterior Solar Film – Spectrally Selective – SP E-Lite | SP Blue – Per sqm

e-Lite Xtra

Avery’s new premium e-Lite Xtra exterior films in 45% and 70% light transmission films curb the heat, without noticeably affecting the appearance of the glass.   e-Lite Xtra provides an effective yet discrete energy saving solution that preserves the architectural integrity of high-end commercial and residential projects.

Avery Dennison’s e-Lite Xtra exterior window films deliver a universal solution to installation on modern glazing units, enhancing the efficiency of high performing, reflective, tinted, laminated, or Low E glass.
e-Lite Xtra provide the highest levels of energy saving performance in their category, and are cost-effectively competitive with the most prestigious films on the market.

e-Lite Xtra exterior films are available in 45% and 70% VLT, with PS adhesive

SP Blue 75x

SP Blue subtle tint effectively filters heat-building IR radiation, keeping the building cooler without noticeably affecting the appearance of the glass.

Hanita Extrior Solar Film

$48.91 per sqm

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