Avery Dennison Exterior Solar Film – XTRM Horizontal / Slopped Installation | Skylite XTRM

Extreme durability, Extreme savings, Extreme energy efficiency

XTRM is a new generation of extended-life exterior window films.  Its exceptional durability ensures energy-efficient performance year after year.  In fact, Avery Dennison warrants XTRM exterior films for up to 15 years*

Developed to tackle commercial projects where a long-term service period is critical to payback, XTRM delivers outstanding levels of heat rejection and UV block, and is compatible with nearly all types of glazing.

Thanks to its specially engineered construction and robust polymeric and chemical components, XTRM sets new standards on the long-term durability of outdoor window films.  It’s been tested and proven in the lab and the field under extreme weathering conditions.

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