Ritrama Brushed Wrap Gold AirFlow ASP33


Product Code: Ritrama Brushed Wrap Gold AirFlow ASP33
Adhesive Type: Repositionable Permanent AirFlow

Film Type: Ri-Wrap Brush
Transparency: Non-Transparent
Finish: Brush Wrapped Gold

– Vehicle Styling and Wrapping
– Curved and Uneven surfaces

A new skin for your vehicle
Wrap self-adhesive materials designed by Ritrama will transform your vehicle and your image. This range of vehicle wraps materials can be applied with ease also into deep indents and will make you really stand out from the crowd with different finishing, textures and patterns.

Air flow repositionable adhesive
These exclusive Cast products combine speedy and trouble free film application, thanks to the Airflow pattern of the permanent repositionable adhesive, that allows air to be easily squeezed out during the application of the material and easy repositioning during application. This adhesive performs a very low initial tack, but after a short period of time, builds to a strong bond ensuring a secure and weatherproof finish.

Features and benefits of the airflow liner
Lack of wrinkling and air bubbles; Repositionable adjustments can be made without damaging the film; Ideal for irregular, curved or slightly curved applications; No channel impression on face film. 6967

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