Heat Box

The Heat Box will revolutionise the way you sell automotive window film to your customers. The sleek black box has 4 external glass pieces with an internal heat lamp to mimic the UV rays from the sun. Simply install 1 automotive window film on each of the 4 glass panes to demonstrate the different properties and capabilities of each film.

Allow your customers to get a real feel and understanding of the film they are purchasing. The interactive procedure will allow them to view all options in a tangible way and allow you to up-sell higher performing films that may not originally have been purchased because of price restraints.

The compact and light device is easy to move around warehouses, work shops and offices. The rotating unit allows your customers easy accessibility to all 4 glass panes. Grab one or a few to start communicating effectively and provide greater value for your customers.



Colour: Gloss Black

Size: 250mm x 250mm x 250mm

Plug: Kettle

Power: 240V with an ON/OFF switch

Glass Size: 165mm x 245mm x 4 Pieces

Heat Globe: 220V (150W)

Heat Box


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