Paint Protection | Ultra Coatings Ceramic

Ultra Coatings Ceramic is a liquid paint protection designed to protect the surface of your assets. Build for the tough Australian terrain, this paint protection liquid gold will protect any surface from scratches, dents and other surface damage. Keep your showroom shiny with a paint protection on your vehicles or make cleaning of shower screens and mirrors easier. The versatile and flexible nature of ceramic coating makes it an excellent choice for protecting any surface.


C1 – 1 Year

C4 – 4 Years

C7 – 7 Years



  1. Optically Clear
  2. Conformable 
  3. Fast Absorption
  4. Cleaning made easier
  5. Hydrophobic
  6. High gloss
  7. Easy to wash and maintain
Ultra Ceramic Coatings

From: $50.00

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1 review for Paint Protection | Ultra Coatings Ceramic

  1. Georgia Munro

    Great product that’s easy to apply.

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