Ritrama Ri-Jet 75-M-75 micron

Product Code: Over Laminate Ri-Jet 75-M-75 micron

Adhesive Type: Permanent Solvent

Film Type: Matte Clear
Transparency: Fully Transparent
Finish: Matte Finish
Suitable Ink Type: Solvent, Eco Solvent, Latex, UV

– Overlaminate Applications
– Added UV Protection

Material Match: All Polymeric Vinyls

Ri-Jet 75-M-75 micron is a high quality long lasting over laminate that suits application on all polymeric vinyls particularly for applications where high confirmability is required such as partial vehicle wrapping. UV protect improves longevity from fade induced by exposure to sunlight.
The over laminate is also printable itself to allow for multilayered printing. 5448



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