Tinta Keg

The Tinta Keg is a portable pressurised sprayer for all of your spraying needs! The Tinta Keg is stainless steel Cornelius keg with rubber corners and comes with a 6.6 miter hose with a wide mist sprayer tip. The 5 gallon Tint Keg that is perfect for many applications such as car tinting, house tinting,PPF and much more. Save valuable time by only filling up once. This Tinta Keg will hold 19 litres of solution to tint approximately 14 full cars. 1 x 19L Keg (630mm tall x 200mm diameter), 1x Plastic Sprayer Handle with Wide mist Tip,1 x Keg Lid with Stainless Valve Stem , 1 x Stainless Steel Ball Lock connector, 1x 6.6 Meterhigh quality coated Polymer hose, 2 x Hose Clamp 13-19mm


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