Different Ways You Can Protect Your Pets From the Sun


Pets love bathing in the sun. They often do this by lying in front of glass doors and windows for hours, but this can be dangerous.

Sunlight can cause skin cancer in dogs and cats as well as other health issues. Just like with humans, pets’ overexposure to sunlight can lead to dehydration, heat stroke, and sunburn. That’s why they need the proper protection, especially if you like to leave them unattended.

Here’s how you can protect your precious pets:

1. Apply Lots of Pet Sunscreen

Pet sunscreen is a product you can apply to your pet’s skin to protect them from the sun. This particular one is specially formulated for dogs and cats. It’s water-resistant, so it doesn’t wash off easily. However, they can be difficult to apply. Your pet will likely attempt to lick them off and require a regular application. Just make sure to re-apply at least every two hours to keep your pet protected.

2. Make Them Wear Pet Clothes

Pet clothing is a great way to protect your pet’s skin from being exposed to the sun. This particular type of clothing is often made of material that will protect your pet from the sun’s UV rays while also keeping them cool even when it’s hot out.

3. Keep Them Indoors at Peak Hours

You can keep your pet’s skin from being exposed to too much sunlight by keeping them indoors at peak sunlight hours. This will help keep them from getting sunburned. A good way to tell when the sun is peaking is to check the shadow cast by a pole or stick. When the shadow is shorter than the pole, it’s time to bring your pet in.

4. Have Window Film Installed

It’s definitely safer indoors, but it’s not completely safe. The sun can still reach you and your pets from the windows. If you have glass doors or windows that face the direction of the sun all the time, you can get them coated with window film. 

Having window film installed is a great way to keep your pet’s skin safe from harmful UV rays. These window tints reduce the amount of UV light that comes through the window and protect your pet’s skin. Some films reduce the level of UV light by over 99%.

The Signs of Overheating in Your Pets

When your pet gets heatstroke, their body temperature rises. The condition can lead to death if it’s not treated right away. If left untreated, dogs can suffer from overheating, which can lead to brain damage, seizures, kidney failure and death. Watch out for these signs to make sure your pet is safe from too much heat:

  • Inflamed red skin
  • Salivating
  • Rapid, heavy breathing
  • Fast and weak pulse
  • Raised body temperature
  • Irritability


There are plenty of ways to keep your pet safe from the sun, but it’s always important to remember to bring your pet in before it gets too hot. While having a pet is a great responsibility, it’s easy to keep them safe and happy if you know what to do. 

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