The Difference Between Normal and Weather Resistant Window Film

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Every region has their own weather-related hazards. Whether it’s a strong wind, blazing sun, snow or thunderstorms, these can be damaging to your home. If you live in these high-risk areas and your windows aren’t protected with weather resistant films, then maybe it’s time to do so before the next storm season.

Normal window films can be used to deflect heat and cold, but in extreme climates, they can be damaged, reducing their effectiveness to protect your house from harmful UV rays. Moreover, strong winds can bring debris with them. If your windows aren’t well-protected, they can break and injure your family. This is not something that you want to have happened. Weather resistant window films provide great protection against any weather condition, as well as enhancing the structural integrity of your windows. If you are interested, then keep reading to see how these films can help you protect your home and loved ones.

Long-Lasting Protection

Normal films work well enough to protect a building from UV exposure, heat, and prying eyes. However, for more extreme climates, you are going to need something more substantial.

Weather resistant window film is designed to perform all the wonderful functions of a normal window film with the added benefit of being able to withstand the elements. It is constructed using polyester and metalized layers which give it the strength to handle the blazing sun, torrential rains, and gale-force winds. The adhesive is designed to hold against these weather hazards so it will remain neat and clean for longer.

Greater Strength Equals Greater Safety

The force created by the winds of a hurricane or a criminal attempting to break in can cause your windows to shatter. The subsequent flying shards of glass are an extremely serious health risk and can also damage furniture in your home or office. This won’t be a problem for a weather resistant film. They are designed to be tear-resistant, so sharp flying debris won’t damage its surface, and it will also provide similar shard-holding properties like security window films 

If you are worried about the safety of your building during a storm, then installing weather resistant films on all of your windows is the logical decision. They will make sure that your building’s interior is as safe as can be from a seasonal storm. Your investment will pay for itself when it protects you from the repair costs, as well as lowering your energy bills.


Installing Your Weather Resistant Window Film

Applying film to your windows can be tricky business. It must be carefully stretched over the surface of the window and one must avoid trapping air bubbles or creasing the film. You must make sure that a weather resistant film is applied by a professional. Any misapplication of the film will reduce the effectiveness of the film’s thermal control properties and safety. Nobody wants to spend money on a new film because the original film was poorly installed. That’s why we always recommend that you use an expert for all your tinting needs.

If your house or office isn’t yet protected, then you might want to invest in weather-resistant window films to make sure your property and family stay safe comes the next storm. Get in touch with Premier Tint today to see how we can help & for a free consultation