The Different Kinds of Window Tint and Which Ones You Need

The Different Kinds of Window Tint and Which Ones You Need

Window tints are amazing installations that protect your windows and add a functional element to these glass finishes in your home or office. With the many different varieties available in the market, how do you buy window tint that matches your needs? 

Keep reading, as we will explore the different kinds of window tints and which one will suit your needs.


Decorative Tints

These window films increase your interior’s privacy and boost its aesthetic. Achieved by sandblasting and acid washing a particular area of the glass according to your preferred designs, a combination of shapes and forms can adorn your windows for added fun and functionality.

Decorative window tints look good, and they can block particular views for additional privacy, such as bathroom entrances, office lobbies, and more.

The most popular decorative window tint is called textured frost. Certain sections of the glass are rendered translucent to near-opaque so that the peripheral view is not visible. This kind of window tint is the perfect choice if your office has conference rooms and offices with a glass design, and you want to increase security while maintaining a level of transparency.


Solar Tints

As the name suggests, solar window films bring natural light to your interiors without harming anything within. These come with a UV coating to block out harmful rays of the sun while maintaining a natural-lit aesthetic for any home or office space.

The two kinds of solar tints available in the market are:

  • Reflective solar tints: These materials are made with UV-protective coatings that block UV rays, heat, and glare from entering the window. They also have reflective qualities that increase your privacy, reflecting the majority of the viewer’s perspective back to them if you don’t wish anyone to see the inside of your home or office. As such, these films are noticeably darker in colour.


  • Neutral solar tints: This type of window tint is similar to its reflective counterpart, without its reflective and dark-shaded properties. It maintains the see-through aspect of windowed surfaces, drawing natural light from the outside without the harmful UV radiation, heat, and glare.


Safety and Security Tints

These tints are designed with the combined characteristics of solar protection, energy efficiency, vandalism resistance, and even relative shatter resistance! The three kinds of safety and security tints are:

  • Solar protection and security tint: This fantastic window film combines solar protection and glass durability. It comes in various thicknesses to guard against shatter damage while increasing natural light without the sun’s deadly side effects.


  • Anti-graffiti tint: If your windows have been vandalised in the past, this protective film is perfect for you. These are transparent tint strips measured according to the size of your window and applied accordingly. And the next time a vandal happens to make your window their canvas, you can simply peel off the tint to reveal a pristine surface. Just remember to replace the used anti-graffiti tint with a new one. We recommend getting anti-graffiti tinting supplies wholesale to maximise the return on your investment.


  • Exterior safety and security tint: These window films are designed to minimise damage from natural disasters, theft, and accidents by providing an additional layer of protection to the glass, making it more durable and more resistant to scratches. 


Another remarkable feature about this tint is its versatility across surfaces. Thus, they work for both personal and commercial applications to protect your privacy and prolong the life of your glass finishes.


In Conclusion

Window tints serve various functions depending on your preference: aesthetics, privacy, or protection. Knowing which is, or are, the priority for your space can help you determine the kinds that will improve the building’s overall look or security from scratches, vandals, and other possible damage.

Before doing so, we recommend speaking with window tint film experts at Premier Film Distribution for more information. Check out our online store for a wide range of tinting supplies wholesale such as 3M, SolarGard, and SunTek for additional savings whenever you buy window tint.