What Are the Costs Included in Window Tinting

What Are the Costs Included in Window Tinting

There are many advantages to having residential windows tinted. It will help keep your home cool and comfortable as well as stop the prying eyes of your neighbours out. If you are thinking about having your windows tinted, the going rate for residential window tinting is priced at around $50/m2. This price may change slightly, but that’s the ballpark figure you can base your rough estimates on.

The pricing is highly variable due to a handful of factors—with size, material, and brand landing chief among them. Since there are no two homes that are exactly alike, there will often be differences in the pricing of window tinting services for each individual home! 


What Exactly Are the Costs Included in Window Tinting?

It is important to know the factors that affect the pricing of window tinting solutions. Here are the aspects of your tinting that you need to consider when you are trying to determine how much you will pay.


1 – Materials

Various types of materials may be used in window tinting. Spray tint and film tint will have different effects—and naturally, they will have varying amounts in price as well. Choosing a material that will fit well with your needs as well as your price range is a consideration you need to think about before you proceed with any service.


2 – Size

The size of your windows also plays a role in how much you will pay for window tints. The bigger your windows are, the more expensive your window tinting installation is going to cost. 


3 – Complexity

The shape and contour of your windows will also affect the price of the window tint installation. If you have windows that are curved or have an odd shape that deviates from the traditional, you will have to pay a higher price because of the intricacies involved in the installation. This is because there will be more intensive labour that goes into cutting the tint and making it fit the shape of your windows.


What Is Usually Included in the Cost?

Many people wonder what really goes into the fee that they pay for window tinting services. Taking the three above-mentioned factors into account will give you a rough idea as to what will come into play when you are computing for the breakdown of the price.

The most significant and noteworthy components of this breakdown will be the labour cost and the cost for the materials. However, before you think about doing the job yourself, keep in mind that the fee you are paying for the installation will go towards making sure that the tint is installed correctly. If you attempt to put the window tint yourself, you may make rookie errors, thus compromising the quality and look of your window tint.



There are many varying types of window tints that can be used. You are now aware that each type will have a different purpose and aesthetic appeal. Aided with this information, you will now have a better understanding and idea of how window tinting is priced. Hopefully, you will be able to make a more informed decision as to your home’s window tinting.

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