Why You Should Install Window Tints for Heat Reduction

Why You Should Install Window Tints for Heat Reduction

Letting natural lighting in your home instantly brightens up the area while reducing the artificial light you have to use. However, constant exposure to sunlight makes you prone to experiencing the greenhouse effect, such as heat buildup due to trapped solar rays that enter. 

Keeping your home cool is important to prevent the effects of solar radiation over time like skin cancer and eye damage. Other risks are overheating or exhaustion, which is common among seniors. 

Reducing potential heat from being trapped in your home is especially important if you have elderly or young family members. One of the best ways to do this is by installing window films. 


How Does My Home Trap Heat from Sunlight?

Your windows and glass panes allow you to enjoy the view and let in fresh air. But when they are unprotected, large amounts of visible light, infrared, and ultraviolet rays from the sun can easily enter your home. 

When these rays hit an item in your home, that object naturally absorbs them and produces heat through an altered wavelength. This by-product cannot penetrate your windows. As a result, it gets trapped inside your home.


How Can I Reduce Heat Gain?

  • Interior drapes and curtains

The easiest way to prevent the negative effects of sunlight in your home is to use interior curtains and drapes. These window treatments can filter in natural sunlight and offer protection from UV rays. However, they are not always effective to reduce the heat that builds up in your space. As soon as solar rays pass through your windows, they can still get trapped in your room.

  • Exterior shutters

If you are looking for more effective protection, consider using exterior shutters. They block out sunlight effectively and prevent your place from overheating. The only drawback is that since they are so opaque, light cannot easily get in, leaving your home dark and dull. Over time, this may cause you to use more artificial lighting and increase your energy bills.

  • Window tints

While a quality air conditioner is effective at maintaining your ideal room temperature, it needs lots of energy to operate, and using your unit frequently incurs high costs in the long run. To take advantage of an effective yet affordable solution, window tints are your best option. Unlike curtains and shutters, they prevent unwanted solar rays from penetrating your window while letting you enjoy plenty of sunlight in your home.

Window tints work by getting rid of potential hot spots in your house, balancing out your space’s room temperature and rejecting more than 70 percent of the sun’s heating energy. They intercept thermal rays, block those heat-creating wavelengths, and allow only natural light to pass through your windows.

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When trying to keep your home cool, you don’t need to choose between protecting your house from harsh sun rays and allowing natural light to enter your space. Installing window tints can help you reduce heat without affecting your place’s natural lighting.

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