Window Films – 4 Common Misconceptions

The internet is a double-edged sword. People can receive information from it, but it is not edited like a news publication so can also have a lot of misleading information out there.  There are a lot of misleading facts put out there about window films and we thought it best to address these and separate the facts from the myths.

Myth #1: The seal of insulated windows could break because of window film

Reality: Your window film has nothing to do with seal failure because it is applied only the surface of your window. The reasons why window seals could break include old window age, improperly-installed window seal, heavy rain, temperature fluctuations, and even chemical cleaning products. If your window seal fails, it’s not to do with the window film, but normally one of the above factors and 99% of installers do not use harsh chemicals, in fact, soapy water is the only applicant used in the installation process.

Myth #2: Windows can crack because of window film

Reality: The only things that can cause windows to crack under ordinary circumstances are projectiles and inherent defects in the window itself (such as nickel sulphates). A window film is not a projectile nor the window pane itself. The logic and evidence are straightforward, yet many people still fall for this myth.

Nevertheless, there are rare and extreme situations when the window film’s application and installation process could cause the window to crack. Because window film installation involves some heat, the window surface could expand suddenly, forming the crack. The chances of this happening are very low and normally is to do with the glass itself, rather than the heat applicator.  If your window cracks during the application process, reputable installers will be able to identify why and will discuss terms of replacing the glass.

Myth #3: Solar screens are better than window film

Reality: A solar screen looks and works like a curtain, but you install it outside of your home. Whereas, window films are directly applied on the surface of your windows. Thus, window films are more aesthetically-pleasing compared to solar screens and still lets in natural light minus the infrared and UV radiation. If you don’t mind blocking the outside view from your window, then you can try a solar screen for quick glare reduction. Note however that a solar screen blocks out only visible light. Its dark colour would still absorb infrared which would heat your room interior. On the other hand, window films bounce off even infrared and UV radiation.

Myth #4: Window films are permanent

Reality: Not all types of window films are permanent. You can opt for a removable window film if you feel that you will change your mind in the future about your window’s style. These removable window films would still stick properly and would only come off if you remove them yourself.

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