Window Tint 101 – Knowing the Dangers of Tintless Windows

Window Tint 101 - Knowing the Dangers of Tintless Windows

A lot of people face the dilemma of whether they should have their windows tinted or not. Tinting is a common practice in commercial buildings, office spaces, and automobiles—but today, residential properties are starting to get into the trend too. Despite this, some homeowners are still on the fence if they should do it for their property!

There are many published benefits of having your windows tinted, and you might already know some of them. But have you ever considered what will happen if you chose not to have your windows tinted? 

Here are a few scenarios that can possibly occur if you decide not to.


Scenario #1: Your Energy Consumption Becomes Erratic

Your home’s electricity consumption depends on many factors—many of which may not always be in your control. 

During the summer months, for example, you’d be surprised at how much your energy bill will spike! With all your appliances in full swing trying to cool the entire house, you’re probably facing an unwarranted amount once your monthly electricity bill comes. 

Tinted windows contribute a lot to the reduction of heat inside your house, especially when it’s summer. When temperatures outside reach scorching levels, you’ll be thankful for having your windows tinted!


Scenario #2: You’re More Exposed to UV Rays

Premature aging of the skin commonly occurs in people who spend a lot of time under the sun. However, prolonged exposure to UV rays won’t only cause sun damage to your skin—it causes a range of health problems beyond the superficial too! 

Solar films on your windows are an excellent solution to protect you from the sun. This is a type of window tint design to reflect up to 99% of UV rays. Solar films are also great at regulating indoor temperatures—making it a good all-around investment for your home and your health.


Scenario #3: You Experience Severe Eye Strain due to Glare

When excess sunlight enters your home, they pose a health risk not only to your skin but to your eyes too. The glare of the sun’s rays on electronic devices can make it difficult for you to relax or do some work while indoors. Being exposed to the glare can make you squint or even strain your eyes, which leads to headaches and migraines to develop. 

Applying a solar film can work wonders to protect your eyes from injury.


Scenario #4: Your Furniture and Carpeting Starts to Fade

If you’re still not convinced of how UV rays can cause a lot of problems to you due to lack of tinted windows, then here’s one final reason for you: interior fabrics and furniture can fade if exposed to the sun for too long. 

Yes, even your furniture pieces are powerless against the sun’s rays. You’ll notice fabrics starting to lose colour, while leather and vinyl furnishings begin to crack. Imagine the cost of repairs or even replacing a lot of your indoor furniture—it’s a tonne as compared to what window films cost!



Applying window films to your home is not only for decorative purposes; it’s also beneficial to your health and your security. Being in control of how much heat and cold comes through your house should be a priority for every homeowner. Through window films and tints, you can avoid any of the worst-case scenarios mentioned above! 

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