3 Reasons Every Australian Home Should Invest in Window Tinting – What to Know

3 Reasons Every Australian Home Should Invest in Window Tinting - What to Know

Window tinting may seem like a part of homeownership that doesn’t seem to be that complicated. After all, all it takes to install a window tint is to take it, cut it into the right size, and slap it onto a window-right?

While it may sound simple to install and quite frankly, an unnecessary expense, the truth about window tinting is that it makes a world of difference in the quality of life at home, especially if you’re investing in specially-designed tinted films.


The Importance of Window Tinting in Any Australian Home

As the Australian sun continues to grow stronger with each passing year, more and more people are compelled to get a window tinting job to help protect them and their families from the harmful effects of UV rays. Aside from proper precaution against sunlight, home window tinting is also integral for making houses safe to live in, regardless of whether the property is in an urban or rural area.

While the reasons we’ve listed above are reason enough to purchase your own home window tint, there might be some that ask, “What else can I get out of tinting my home’s windows?”

Truthfully, window tinting has an array of benefits that is often overlooked, such as:


1. The ability to block out a significant amount of UV radiation

One of the foremost benefits of using window tinting is the product’s inherent ability to protect you and your household from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Even indoors, UV radiation has harmful effects on your skin when you’re exposed to it long-term. The radiation can easily cause skin cancer and damage the appearance of your skin slowly over time. Apart from its effects on the human body, UV rays can also significantly affect the look of your furniture, causing dyes and natural colours to fade, and wreaking havoc on certain materials such as wood or plastic.

Fortunately, modern window film tinting options-such as everything in Premier Film Tint’s own arsenal-block out 99 percent of UV rays that try to come in through a window’s homes!


2. An opportunity to save on electricity bills

Window tinting has also been sought-after as it’s an effective way to save money on electricity bills. Through window tinting, indoor spaces become much more capable of providing insulation, as the window tint significantly reduces the amount of sunlight and heat that comes through the windows. This makes for less use of a home’s AC unit, eventually lowering the overall amount due for bills each month.


3. Capabilities of upholding safety and security

Another important aspect of window film tinting that has made it such an essential tool to have in any Australian home is the fact that such a seemingly-simple application can make a world of difference in any home’s privacy, safety, and security. By blocking the outside world from peering into your home, you can lessen the risk of burglars and passersby from peeking in. Not to mention, window tints add an extra layer of strength and security to your windows, making them less prone to shattering. When you think about it, window tinting could possibly save the lives of both you and your family!



Outfitting your home’s windows with a special window tint can make a world of difference in how safe, comfortable, and private your home can be. By outfitting your home with a high-tier window tint or film option from us today, you can guarantee to feel safe and secure in your home, and all for an affordable price! Get in touch with us to see how we can help.