3 Types of Sun Rays That Enter Your Home & How Tinting Can Maximise Them

3 Types of Sun Rays That Enter Your Home & How Tinting Can Maximise Them

After spending some time in your home and appreciating every one of the rooms throughout the space, chances are that you’ll start to notice just how important sunlight is in making it all beautiful.

Regardless of whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, there’s no denying that the sunlight can help make any kind of room so much more beautiful. With the help of the right tint, however, you can appreciate the effect that sunlight can bestow on the visual appeal of your rooms. This essentially brings a more important question you may have in mind:


What are the different types of sun rays that make my space look amazing?


To best understand exactly how your home flourishes with naturally-occurring Vitamin D, here are three types of sun rays that impact your home and how tinting can make the whole experience better:


1. Ultraviolet Rays

Best regarded as the double-edged sword of the bunch, ultraviolet (UV) rays are generally responsible for giving us the tans we’ve always dreamed of while illuminating any space.

As great as it may be for making any room look bright and appealing, the problem with UV rays is that they are intense in nature and can eventually cause skin problems, discolour your furniture, and mess up your home’s internal temperature. Many Australian homeowners have reported lots of premature fading to their carpets, furniture, and flooring over the years because of excessive exposure.

Fortunately, you can still reap the benefits of UV rays while regulating the intensity of the light itself with the help of some 3M Window Film that’s been specially developed to manage its effects.


2. Visible Light

Responsible for the visual aspect of picture-perfect lighting in your home, visible light—when managed correctly—adds much more appeal to any room and make it more appealing.

One of the most important effects that come with visible light is that its naturally-occurring brightness provides a more sustainable way to comfortably use any space. Instead of troubling yourself and increasing your bills by excessively using overhead lights and lamps during the day, natural light can help make everything clear as day, effectively reducing energy costs!

If you’re looking to maximise visible light while managing its calming and uplifting effects, then 3M clear window tint is definitely the way to go!


3. Infrared rays

Often regarded as the most natural form of heating any home can have, infrared rays provide homes with a great amount of warmth that can come handy in the colder times of the year.

As helpful as this type of sunlight may be, the problem with infrared rays is that they can become especially problematic in the summer months and cause excessive amounts of heat at home. Fortunately, you can easily manage the effects of the blazing summer heat and reduce your air conditioning usage by treating your home’s windows with 3M heat reduction films!



When used and managed correctly, the sunlight that enters your home can yield a wide range of benefits that range from the purely cosmetic all the way to the delightfully-functional. This is especially possible when you add the right types of film to your home’s windows!

If you’re looking for a reputable 3M window film supplier in Australia, get in touch with us today to see how we can help solve your heating issues!