Work From Home Tips – How to Stay Productive

Work From Home Tips - How to Stay Productive

The current COVID-19 pandemic forced the majority of people across the world to stay at home. While some stopped working, others are lucky enough to continue their works in the comfort of their homes.

Not everyone though is apt for a work from home setup, so here are some tips on how to stay productive at home:



1. Identify what time you are most productive

Others would urge you to wake up early and to start working soon, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Identify if you’re a morning person or a night person. Knowing the answer to this will help you make the most out of your time. If you’re more productive at night, instead of spending the entire day, forcing yourself to be productive when you can’t, use the time to do home chores or other errands.

This tip, however, only counts for people with flexible work hours. If your job needs you to be present at a certain time, you have to challenge yourself more to stay awake and perform your duties.



2. Create a schedule for the day

Start the day by making a list of things you need to achieve. Try to break them into smaller tasks so that you can easily see your progress. Making a schedule also prepares your brain for the work you need to do for the day.

Try also to make a daily routine. Having certain tasks to do repeatedly throughout the week will help your body adjust to this new change. Routines don’t need to be heavy and productive. You can start by simply washing your face, stretching a bit, eating breakfast, taking a shower, making your cup of coffee, and then beginning your work.



3. Take a break

Having small breaks within the day does not mean you’re no longer productive. Breaks are necessary to stay productive. You need a breather from time to time, especially at this time that you are working from home. Go and walk around your house, have a quick snack, browse through your feed briefly, listen to music, drink your favourite beverage, or do anything to help keep your blood flowing and your mind sane.



4. Stay hydrated

Too much workload sometimes makes you forget to drink water, but water helps you feel refreshed. Staying hydrated also helps your body function well. Try keeping a water bottle near your workspace. This way, you are reminded to drink more often.



5. Create a conducive workspace

Sometimes, no matter how disciplined or hardworking you are, working at home can be challenging because it either is not a comfortable environment for you or it is too comfortable.

The best you can do is create a separate space for living and working. If you don’t have a home office, find a spot, area, or table that you can turn into one. Try to make your space more work-friendly by removing the clutter and distractions. Put some indoor plants, if you have one, use a comfy chair, and add window films to make the atmosphere feel better.

Window films can increase your comfort by filtering out the UV rays and regulating the indoor temperature of your home. It also helps reduce glare on your desktop, mobile phone, and other electronic devices.



Working from home has different effects on people. This setup can make some people more productive, but it can also be challenging for some. To make the most out of your time, follow our tips and do your best not to lose your focus.

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