3M Window Film – The Superior Tint for Your Office Windows

Using the right film will provide you with a number of important features that come in handy in different situations. These features may include energy reduction and protection. More than reducing the sunlight intrusion, the right film can protect your employees and property.


We will discuss this further to educate you about the benefits of 3M Window Film. Read on if you remain unconvinced about the incredible benefits of premium window film. You might be surprised at how much you can grow to love these office fixtures.

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance


The right window film is a great investment for maximising your office windows. These types of premium window film are better than blinds that will need cleaning and management every so often.

Once the film is instaled, you can leave it on. It won’t need regular maintenance aside from the occasional wiping of occasional dust buildup, unlike the more tedious cleaning of blinds. 3M Window Film helps manage sunlight better than regular office window tint film in many other ways.

Heat and Power Reduction


The most important feature of 3M Window Film is heat reduction. This film feature offers a significant drop of up to 85 per cent in heat retention. It helps offices save 15 per cent more on air conditioning yearly.

An average office’s daily operations can rack up to 44 active hours a week and slightly more in hotter months. It also accounts for up to 52 per cent less use of internal lighting in the office.

External Glare and Visibility Features

Aside from significant heat reduction and power savings, your office building will produce less glare from the sun. It can complement your office structure and design, making the ambience easier on the eyes during the daytime.

The right film on your office windows also provides another layer of privacy for different office rooms for both external and internal views. You may also choose a contemporary design and other decorative film options to go with your windows for the right level of visibility while complementing your office’s interiors.

It’s a good extra layer of security both for visible and nonvisible external room views. It also provides actual physical security from external elements as well.

Special Protective Properties of Window Film

An additional and essential feature of 3M films is their powerful protective capabilities from outside elements. Glass film distributors swear by the effectiveness of this film against real outside threats, such as violent theft, blunt force trauma, and other heavy-duty external forces.

These window films hold glass uniformly in case of external damage, natural disasters, and other destructive incidents. They reduce the scattering of dangerous broken glass. Essentially, they can reinforce your glass windows.


Regular window tints can only offer minimal sunlight protection at best. While this is a good enough feature for most offices, the premium features of 3M film will provide you with features that will greatly benefit your office in the long run—reduced glare, heat, power consumption, privacy, and most importantly, heavy-duty protection from major external elements, and more.

Premier Film Distribution is a top 3M window film supplier that can address all these needs. Whether you need premium film for a new building or office or planning to upgrade to better windows, we are the company to call. Upgrade your office windows with us today!