5 Reasons to Choose 3M Window Film for Your Home Office

5 Reasons to Choose 3M Window Film for Your Home Office

A majority of the workforce continues to work from home, and many are loving it. Plenty have created their own little home office in a corner of the house to feel much more productive. However, in that time span, you start to see little faults. There’s too much sunlight at one point, or you get distracted and easy by thinking someone’s just watching you.

Instead of adjusting to the home’s windows, how about you try making the windows adjust for you? Using 3M window film, a protective and tinted layer placed on the window’s glasses, can bring forth so many advantages to your home office space. Here are just a few:


1) More Sun Protection

The sun can provide so much light and heat, which can be a lifesaver on some days. However, too much of anything can be bad. There’s no way to regulate the amount of sunlight that’s creeping into the home, and the temperature can start getting uncomfortable.

On top of all that, the sun’s UV rays can damage your belongings. The furniture and flooring at the most vulnerable parts of your home office are likely exposed to them, and it can make them look worn out. The UV rays can also damage your skin and eyes. Save yourself the trouble by getting yourself the 3M window film to effectively protect you and your office from the sun.


2) Improved Structure

Australia is no stranger to natural disasters that can cause the window glass to break. It can be rather stressful to deal with the possibility of the window shattering in your home office too, as so much of your work equipment and valuables lie there.

3M Window Film is known to strengthen the glass integrity and structure of your window. It prevents the broken glass from flying everywhere and potentially injuring you or a loved one. The extra layer would be a good investment to make as a precaution.


3) Better Security

Have you ever gotten the feeling that someone might be stalking your home? Clear windows often give passersby and neighbours a sneak peek into your life, which can be rather uncomfortable. Get some privacy and security by having them tinted.

Anyone interested in robbing your home would feel more discouraged to get in when they can’t see what’s inside. Aside from being safe, it still ensures that you still get a bit of a view outside. It’s certainly less distracting as everything looks more monotone, and your worries are eased. 


4) Lower Expenses

Energy bills can be quite expensive, making you spend more time in your home office than you’d like for some overtime cash. However, you can get some peace of mind while keeping your expenses down, as a 3M window film acts as a bit of an HVAC system assistant.

Aside from letting less heat come in through the glass, it also helps retain the temperature inside. You don’t have to keep the heater and air conditioner on 24/7, which helps you save cash. Plus, you reduce your overall carbon footprint. It’s a win-win situation!


5) Increased Aesthetics

All the practical uses of 3M window film are great, but there’s also appearance to think about. Luckily, these layers are very aesthetically pleasing. There’s no need for any blinds, curtains, or any of the sort.

The home office will look like it’s gotten an upgrade. And even when you end up getting back to your job at the workplace, you don’t have to say goodbye to it. Let the window film be as you repurpose the room for something else, such as a little personal cinema or library in your home.



The perks of a window film in your home office are worth considering as they improve the home both in function and in appearance. If you’re looking for any home improvements that make the work-from-home experience better, put this on top of the list!

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