4 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Car Window Tints

4 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Car Window Tints

Window tints are among the most sought-after accessories that car owners get. They’re versatile modifications that provide many useful features, such as aesthetics, protection against UV rays, and enough privacy to keep out prying eyes. Moreover, they also promote comfort and energy efficiency because they keep the interior of your vehicle cool without always having to turn the air conditioner up.

Although tint films are undeniably helpful, they also undergo some wear and tear, much like the rest of your car. Getting quality films may help make them last significantly longer than cheap, low-quality ones, but even the best of the best do not last forever. You will have to replace them one day.

Quality car tinting is a significant investment, so many people want to hold off the replacement for a while. However, there are sure signs that your tints are due for a change. Here are some of them:


1 – The Tints’ Colours Are Fading

If your car window tints are fading in colour, then it’s a telltale sign that they’ve seen better days. They may appear more transparent or have a more purple hue, and some may even discolour unevenly, leaving an unsightly mosaic of light and dark patches on the glass. When this happens, the films may not look their best and can even defeat the purpose of having them on your vehicle.


2 – The Tints Begin to Show Bubbles and Air Pockets

Due to wear and tear and even just with age, your car window tints may develop bubbles and air pockets, which are highly visible signs of damage. This happens because the films’ adhesives begin to weaken with heat and sun exposure. Because of this, the tints don’t bond properly to the glass anymore. It makes your window films unattractive features that you’d rather just remove—or better yet, replace with fresh, new ones!


3 – The Films Are Peeling and Lifting at the Edges

Much like air pockets and bubbles, weakened adhesives also cause the edges and corners of your car window films to curl and peel off. This problem is not just visible, but it can also bring screeching and scratching sounds when you roll your windows up or down. The loose films may even damage your windows or exterior paint. If you want to preserve your vehicle’s beauty, it’s best to get a replacement right away.


4 – The Films Don’t Protect against Damage Anymore

If the interior of your vehicle begins to show signs of wear, such as cracks and warps on leather surfaces, it’s a sign that your window films aren’t doing their jobs properly anymore. They no longer provide ample protection against UV rays, making your car’s interior more susceptible to damage.


Invest in Quality Car Tinting

Although car tints are components that many people don’t pay much attention to, they are vital accessories that provide comfort, privacy, aesthetics, and even protection against the harmful rays of the Australian sunshine. However, as with many other parts of the vehicle, they’re still subject to damage. Look out for the signs above to know when it’s time to replace them!

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