Custom Cars – 5 Benefits of Installing Automotive Film Wraps

Custom Cars - 5 Benefits of Installing Automotive Film Wraps

There are numerous ways to customise a car. The only options were to repaint them or install new hardware features on their body in the past. However, changing an automobile’s look is as easy as installing automotive film wraps.

Automotive film wraps, also called car wraps, are decals placed over specific body panels of vehicles, allowing owners to change how their rides look instantly. The standard designs include glossy colour sheets, gradient colour sheets, matte finish, chrome metallic colour, and full-on graphic treatments. But what are the benefits of installing car wraps?


1. Makes a Car Look Unique

Installing a car wrap helps change an automobile’s overall look. Instead of modifying the prominent parts of the vehicle, laying out automotive film wraps is the cheapest and easiest way to make a car look unique.

As most vehicles look the same due to the standard parts installed in the factory, replacing its exterior colour might be the easiest way to help identify it from other cars of the same model. It’s best to choose a colour that isn’t available for the unit to make the design more unique and appealing while on the road.


2. Quick Installation Process

“Wrapping” a vehicle in automotive film wrap is still a quicker process than customising it. Although it seems like a method that requires a lot of time to master and do, car wraps only take a few hours to finish.

Compared to other types of car customisation, car wraps take less time to install as contractors only need to lay it out on the vehicle’s body. Therefore, drivers wouldn’t have to worry about long wait times that may take days or weeks for customisation processes.


3. Added Paint Protection

Cars are vulnerable to accidents that may cause scratches all over their body. It’s every owner’s goal to keep their vehicles scratch-free for as long as they can. Installing a car wrap is an excellent way to secure its safety on or off the road.

The automotive film wrap acts as a layer of protection as it goes over the original paint job of a car. As a result, the vehicles protected with car wraps can dodge a few light scratches. However, remember that significant accidents can cause deeper scratches that may cut through the film layer. Although it adds a layer of protection, car wraps do not make a vehicle vulnerable to scratches.


4. Quick Maintenance

A carwash may be the best way to keep a car clean and free from dirt and residues. However, a simple towel swipe is better to bring an automobile back to its pristine state. Installing an automobile film wrap makes car maintenance a breeze.

In the future, drivers would only need water and a towel to wash down all the dirt stuck on the surface of their cars. The car wrap should act as additional protection that doesn’t allow dirt and grime to stick on the surface for easier cleaning.


5. Instant Upgrade

Having the same design on a car can get dull over time. But through automobile film wraps, changing up a car and upgrading its aesthetics is now easier than ever. 

Since switching cars now and then isn’t an option for most people, replacing their car’s current look should provide them with an instant upgrade. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing compliments on how their vehicle looks, similar to getting a new car from a dealership.



Installing an automobile film wrap is a versatile yet cheap way to change a car’s look, improve its appearance, and make it stand out from the crowd. Remember that there are various car wraps available in the market that car owners can choose from. Check out every finish possible and decide which one’s the best for you!

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