5 Benefits of Installing Window Films to Office Windows

5 Benefits of Installing Window Films to Office Windows

Solar window films are good additions to office setups. In a report from 2018, window films dominated both automotive and construction industries—adapted to improve aesthetic appeal. But aside from adding a hint of design, installing them on windows also comes with many benefits. But how does protecting office windows with glass films benefit the employees? Here are some ideas.


1. Protection Against Ultraviolet Rays

The harmful UV rays from the sun’s rays make our skin age faster when exposed. Aside from looking older, one’s health can also be affected by too much exposure to UV rays.

In a 2018 study, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the rates of skin cancer worldwide have increased by almost 80% in the past three decades. Aside from skin cancer, the sun’s UV rays can also cause skin squamous cell carcinoma, cutaneous melanoma, and ocular damage.

As a result, employees exposed to more sunlight are likely to have age spots, skin cancer, and eye problems. These, however, can be minimised by the use of solar window films.


2. Prevent Equipment and Furniture Damage

According to a report from 2017, cold weather can also result in damage to equipment, furniture, and materials. The cold weather can even cause cracks on glass and cause the glass to break. Debris from the outside can damage glass and even enter through the cracks.

Aside from the mess brought in, the cause of the damage can be costly. Installing solar window films to office windows can prevent these issues from happening. No longer will the cracks on glass cause the temperature to drop, and your product won’t be damaged if debris gets in.

In addition, the installation of solar window films can be done quickly and easily by the glass company or installer. For office security, protection is necessary. Not only that, but the solar window films can save you money, as well.


3. Reduces Screen Glare

In an office filled with technological equipment, whether a desktop computer or a laptop, the screen’s glare can sometimes be bothersome. As a result, employees can suffer from eye fatigue, especially when working outside—when the sun’s ray’s light is more robust. Fortunately, office glass can be installed with a solar film that limits the glare and the heat radiated from the screen.


4. Reduces Accidental Risks

The risk of glass breakage is a threat in any office setting. But with a solar film on your window, employees will not have to worry about the risk of getting hurt in the event of the glass breaking. Aside from that, glass windows are also made to withstand minor to medium impacts, allowing employees to not worry about encountering large objects that can hurt them.


5. Energy Efficiency

Aside from preventing damage, solar film on office glass can also contribute to energy efficiency. As stated by Energy.gov, the solar film can be installed on your windows to keep your building cool by channelling natural light in your office. The film doesn’t only let sunlight in, but it also keeps the cool air from escaping—allowing the rooms to stay well-ventilated.



There are many benefits of adding solar film to office glass. Aside from protecting the glass from wear and tear, it also improves energy efficiency and prevents damage to equipment and furniture. In an office setting, safety and protection against wear and tear matter. It may seem like a lot of work to add solar film on office glass, but in the end, it can make a vast difference—allowing employees to focus on their work at hand instead of worrying about the risk of damage.

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