Flat Glass Tint vs Automotive Tint – What to Use for Your Car

Flat Glass Tint vs Automotive Tint - What to Use for Your Car

Some people may think that all glass films are the same. Some may opt to use flat glass tint for their car windows instead of the automotive glass tint. However, doing so can be dangerous.

If you want to use other films for your car window, you may want to rethink this decision. Below is a list of why automotive glass tint is still your best option for cars.

1. Automotive Tint is Regulated

Unlike flat glass tint that can be as dark or light as one wants, automotive glass tint is regulated. This regulation ensures the safety of the driver and other people on the road.

The regulation of automotive tint ensures that only a portion of the light is blocked off. If all of the light gets blocked off, it will become a hazard for the driver of the car and people on the road.

2. Reaction to Heat

Automotive tint absorbs the heat instead of reflecting it. The reason for this absorption is to ensure that no heat gets into the car. Heat getting into the car could harm the engine and other parts of the vehicle.

The automotive tint, especially when in movement, blows off the heat. The tint absorbs the heat and, with movement speed, cools it down.

3. Flat Glass Tint is Not Malleable

The best part about automotive tint is that it can be shrunk. The ability to shrink makes it more malleable to fit nicely into any shape. As the name suggests, flat glass tints can only work with flat glass surfaces.

Car windows may seem flat, but they always have curves, regardless of how small. If the flat glass tint is used, some parts of the car window may go uncovered. Any small uncovered area can be harmful because it can bring in heat, dangerous to the vehicle.


Window Tint Installation

Now that you have learned about the importance of using a proper automotive tint for your car window, you will need to have them installed. The installation process is just as crucial as the materials being used.

When installing a tint for your car window, make sure to work with a professional. Sure, you got your home window tint on by yourself, but it is different when it comes to the car. Unlike in your home, where there is not much danger with the incorrect film type, doing it with your vehicle could harm you and others.

Some professionals are offering installation services for your car window tint. Good chances are, they have done it several times before and have done it to a similar vehicle. However, even if they have not, they have been trained to do so.

Again, we highly discourage installing your vehicle window tint by yourself. Doing so can be harmful to you and your vehicle. Professionals exist for a reason, and they have undergone training to perform these specialised tasks.



When it comes to your car, invest in the proper materials. Do not settle for something just because it is more affordable or accessible. Get the automotive window tint for your car, and do not use any kind of tint. It is better to stay safe than to say sorry.

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