5 Ways Window Films Adds Protection

Window Tint Improves Safety

Window tints aren’t just good for the look, but it might provide the much-needed safety for your home windows as well. If you are ever in these situations listed below, read on to see how having window tints can help protect you and your family.

  1. During Natural Disasters

In the case of strong winds, flying debris can come into contact with your windows, breaking them. The change in pressure will push the wind strongly through the window frames, and the shards and debris can cause harm to your family and your property. Window tint is applied to glass by means of an adhesive product, which makes it ideal for buildings that are located in natural disaster zones. In the event of windows being cracked or broken, the tint will usually hold the glass shards together instead of spewing them throughout the building.

  1. Preventing the Development of Melanomas

It’s common for people to be driving long hours during the day for work or during a trip. If your car windows aren’t tinted, you will be directly exposed to a dangerous level of UV rays. This can cause deadly skin cancer and other skin conditions such as melanomas. Window films block out these harmful invisible UV rays almost entirely, keeping your skin healthy on during the long drives.

  1. Reducing the Possibility of Burglaries

It’s been proven that houses that can’t be looked into easily are at lower risk of burglary. This is because the burglars don’t know what they can expect to encounter in the house, or if there’s any valuable thing to steal in the first place. Installing a good quality tinting product on windows will not only prevent would-be burglars from seeing what is in your home or office, but it also strengthens the windows. This makes it more difficult for them to break into your home and giving you more time to handle the situation. 

  1. Keeping you Safe in Your Vehicle

In the same vein as the last one, your car also needs to be protected. If there has been a report of car theft in your neighbourhood, then you might want to get your car windows tinted. It will strengthen your window making it harder to break. This means that the anti-theft alarm might go off if they try to forcefully break the window. Also, if they can’t see if there’s anything worth their effort in the car, they probably won’t bother risking arrest without knowing what’s in it for them. 

  1. Preventing Road Accidents by Reducing Glare

Say you are driving east in the morning during a summer day, you will be directly facing the sun for your whole drive. You will have to be squinting for the whole drive, which means that you don’t have the full vision of the traffic, and you might not be able to see what’s ahead of you before it’s too late. You can put on your sunglasses, but the glare from the reflected sunlight is still distracting. Quality window films are guaranteed to reduce window glare by a large margin. It keeps you and your eyesight safe and healthy through any drive.

The combination of these issues are the reasons why you shouldn’t be cheap with your window films. The right tint for you will protect you from harm, as well as keeping you and your family safe and healthy in your own property for years to come. The best way to find a reputable tinting company is to ask around for referrals or do online research.

Your residential windows are important for your health and the health of your family. You need to take good care of it to reduce the likelihood of wear and tear. This will ensure the longevity of your window films, keeping your family safe for longer. Get in touch with Premier Film Distribution today our wide range of window films for automotive, home and office are suitable and applicable in all the above scenarios.