An Australian Business’s Guide to Anti-Graffiti Window Films – What to Know

An Australian Business's Guide to Anti-Graffiti Window Films - What to Know

Thanks to the evolution of creativity and the efforts of masters across mediums to push the boundaries of expression, it’s clear that art has significantly grown to be a multi-faceted phenomenon of life unlike ever before. From Renaissance paintings to bananas taped to canvases, various pieces have helped set the pace for the future of art itself, especially in the case of graffiti.

In spite of its roots and synonymity with full-fledged expressionism and popular culture, graffiti still remains as a great pain for many Australian business owners and property managers alike.


Why graffiti can be bad for business and how it gets worse for your windows

Unless you’ve got creative geniuses running around your town or state, chances are that any form of graffiti will bring much more harm than good. For any professional establishment, in particular, having any kind of spray-painted manifestation of hooliganism can take a toll on the professionalism it gets by with.

In the case of windows, the problem of having makeshift “art” sprayed all over your property is that it is much harder to remove it from the surface of the glass, easily resulting in thousands of dollars in expenses. Thankfully, your property and its windows won’t ever have to face such circumstances ever again with the help of one solution: anti-graffiti window films.


How it works

Anti-graffiti window films act as a form of protection which effectively shields your glass. By simply sticking it on the surface of your establishment’s windows, glass surfaces, and mirrors, you can easily clean off unsightly profanities in an instant with household cleaning products.

Additionally, this groundbreaking type of window film helps greatly with managing any cases of etching and scratching well enough to protect the glass it covers. You can even take the film off and still be treated to a sight of an unmarked surface! Instead of spending a fortune on having professional cleaners handle your windows or remove them entirely, this type of film can save you thousands of dollars and cost you no more than a few dozen with every replacement!

Additional benefits worth considering

Aside from the fact that it’s an effective way to get rid of graffiti on your windows, here are a few other reasons you should definitely look into investing in anti-graffiti window films:


They protect your current window film

One of the most important benefits of anti-graffiti window film is that you won’t have to remove the entire layer of your existing window film since you can just put a layer on top of it. Thanks to its clear nature, the protective option can let your original layer still do its part in making your establishment look as attractive as ever!


They provide your establishment with extra UV protection

Thanks to the advent of window tinting technology, the latest anti-graffiti options on the market come with additional protection abilities that help block out 99 per cent of UV rays while significantly reducing heat! This will be much appreciated by your employees as they will have a workspace that is more conducive for working.



With the help of anti-graffiti window films, you can easily and effectively protect your business from graffiti attacks and keep your professional image intact and as sharp as ever!

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