Can Your Window Tint Film Alleviate Migraine Symptoms?

Can Your Window Tint Film Alleviate Migraine Symptoms?

It’s good to look outside the window when you get tired of the overwhelming work. Seeing a nice, green view can help you feel relaxed. However, when sunlight starts to strike directly on you, this can cause a bigger issue. Experts have found out that sunlight can trigger migraine and headaches. But with the help of window film, this can be prevented. Whether in your car, home or office, window films can protect you from the harsh sunlight. 

A lot of people associate migraines and headaches with sunlight. Although migraines are known to be a neurological condition with symptoms like headaches, sensitivity to light, nausea and aura, it is reported that the sun’s rays can also trigger them. In fact, according to some studies, it takes 5-10 minutes of sun’s exposure to trigger a migraine attack.

Individuals who suffer from migraines and other types of headaches usually experience the following:

  • Reduced tolerance for sunlight (or increased sensitivity to sun’s light)
  • Increased sensitivity to sun’s wavelength
  • A disturbance on work or lifestyle that requires them to be out in the sun


Unfortunately, the glass windows in your workspace, vehicle or home do not block the harmful sun’s rays. It also means that these types of windows can’t protect your skin and eyes from the potential adverse effects of the sun. Thankfully, UV rays can be reduced by 99 per cent with a window tint film. 


More Details About Window Film

Automotive window tinting can help block off harmful sunlight

Window film can help protect passengers in the car against harmful sunlight. If you’re going to install window film in your car, make sure to verify local window tinting restrictions in your area as some may not allow tinting that’s too dark. 

Proper window tinting in the vehicle’s front and darker tinting in rear windows reduce the sun’s ability to refract and reflect on the glass surfaces and interior windows. 

Install a window tinting product appropriate for your level of light sensitivity

People have varying levels of migraine symptoms; some experience severe migraine while others only feel regular headaches. If you only experience occasional headaches and migraines, you can opt for standard window tinting products. However, for those suffering from severe migraines, carbon or ceramic window tinting may be for you. 

Never disregard tinting in your office

Most of your time is spent in your office or workstation. The sun’s glare through the windows, together with the glare from the computer screen, can trigger migraines. If you aim to get rid of them and work comfortably, you need to have window tinting in your office. Companies are usually aware of the advantages of commercial window tinting, including privacy, security and energy. In case your office windows do not have tinting, you can bring it up during your next team meeting.

Install window tinting in your home to reduce migraine triggers

Of course, you should not forget your home when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. You should pay attention to your windows, especially the windows that get a lot of sunlight. Window tinting can make your main living spaces, bedroom and kitchen to be free from the sun’s harmful rays. Ensure that you choose top-notch window tinting so that it’s not hard to maintain. 



The sun’s rays can cause migraines when you’re driving, working in an office or doing chores at home. To avoid migraines hindering you from your usual routines, make sure to have quality window tinting. To achieve that, work with a reliable window film company.

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