Will Commercial Window Tinting Kill All Your Office Plants

Will Commercial Window Tinting Kill All Your Office Plants

If you’re a home or a building owner, you may have thought of window tinting to protect your home from sun damage. Since window film prevents the rays of the sun from getting into your home, many landlords and building owners with green thumbs voice their concern, ”Will these kill my houseplants?”

Whether you have a small indoor garden in your office or an oasis inside your home, the risk of killing your plants may be a dealbreaker when installing a window film. Thankfully, when you apply all the proper precautions, a commercial window film will not have a drastic effect on your plants. Here are some of the things you’ll learn when you install window film. 


1 – You Can Save Water

Commercial window tinting allows you to save water. Since window tint blocks the sun’s heat from coming into your home or office, your plants will not be exposed to excessive heat. In turn, your plants won’t need a lot of water. Although some plants may experience a little shock due to the changing levels of light, they will learn to adjust and thrive in their new environment. 


2 – Darker Leafy Plants Have a Higher Chance of Thriving

If you want your plants to thrive in an environment where commercial window film has been installed, pick greener and leafier plants. These plants require less light than light green plants. Additionally, darker and greener plants have more chlorophyll in them. They can take better advantage of available light for photosynthesis than light green plants.


3 – Your Plants Will Flourish 

Believe it or not, indoor plants will flourish after the installation of commercial window film because they block the heat. In return, the plants will evaporate and use up less moisture over time. Also, since less water is required, you can prevent root rot from occurring. 


4 – Most Plants Will Recover

You may be concerned about your plants not fully recovering from the lack of heat. Truthfully, it’s seldom that plants die due to the window films. Although some plants may struggle to recover, most plants will thrive in their new environment. It will take them a few weeks, so don’t panic if you think they’re wilting. 


5 – Other Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

There are a lot of benefits when you install window film. For one, window film helps preserve your office furniture, carpeting, and tech devices. Too much exposure from the sun results in these items fading and wearing prematurely. Hence, a good quality window film will protect them.

Second, commercial window tint can improve the productivity of the employee. It provides them with a workable space that promotes productivity. These window tints prevent employees from straining their eyes due to the glare and increases privacy. 

Since commercial windows are available in different colours and decorative options, choose the best for your office. For example, a solar window film blocks the sun’s heat. Should you need a window film, you can get in touch with our team. They will provide you with different options based on your needs and budget. 


Final Thoughts

There are several window tinting supplies you can choose from in the market. Only purchase the best for your home or office. Doing so will help you prevent any premature decay of your furniture and plants. 

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