Factors That Determine Car Window Tinting Prices

Factors That Determine Car Window Tinting Prices

With Australia’s weather becoming even hotter than ever, it’s difficult to live comfortably without some sort of protection from the ever-blaring sun.

From the window tints of our homes to the sunblock we wear, it seems like the fight against extreme heat and increasingly brighter sunlight pushes Australians to protect themselves. Over time, learning to protect oneself from the country’s weather and investing in safety measures have become paramount for living both safely and comfortably. 

If you drive around Australia’s roads quite frequently, then you’re probably well aware that extreme heat and harmful rays can get you even when you mind your business in your car. Of course, this could lead you to consider investing in tinting solutions to help you double down on keeping your vehicle protected.

As you continue to search around for tinting solutions to help you drive comfortably, you’re bound to come across all sorts of different options. With each benefit, feature, and key system that gets mentioned for a car tint product, there comes a price tag that varies depending on what you’re looking at—and this raises a question many drivers ask: 

What determines car window tinting prices in the first place? 


How Does the Total Come About? 

Like the cars they protect, automotive window tinting is stranger to varying price points because of the different features and advantages they provide. However, these differing figures can be quite confusing for drivers new to the whole idea of spending and applying tint as most people are only familiar with the existing layers of their cars.

To give you a better understanding of what your money is going to fetch you when you sift through Premier Film Distribution’s available options, here’s a quick cost breakdown:


1. UV and Heat Protection

The main factor that determines the total price of an available car window tinting option is the level of UV and heat protection that it provides for a vehicle. 

In terms of costs, these two factors, which sellers consider as one “item” in a tinting product cost, make the biggest difference because of the research and materials they entail. If you’re paying for an option that provides 90 per cent heat protection and high UV ray blocking, for instance, then you can expect to pay more because of what it took to develop it and what it uses. 


2. Base Material

When you look through an assortment of available car tinting options, you’ll encounter terms like “metallic” and “ceramic-coated”—these also determine how much a tinting product costs. 

For standard car window tints on the budget end of the price spectrum, the costs are less expensive because they use lower-end materials that are commonly available and are cheaper to purchase. On the other hand, options that use metallic or ceramic base materials are slated to cost 10 to 15 per cent more than the average option base materials that are more costly to acquire. 


3. Aesthetic

If you want your car’s tinting to add to its overall look on top of the benefits it provides, then you should expect to pay extra.

Besides the materials and technology used, automobile window tints can cost even more or less, depending on how manufacturers treat them to achieve a certain aesthetic. Components like custom transparency levels and colours entail higher prices because you can only acquire them through using additional special procedures and materials! 



The prices of car window tinting can vary depending on an assortment of factors such as aesthetics, base materials, and the degree of UV and heat protection offered. By keeping an eye out for the factors mentioned above as you shop around for new layers of window tint to put on your car’s windows, you can properly gauge what’s worth your money and what isn’t!

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