What Is the Cost of Having Your Car Windows Tinted in 2021

What Is the Cost of Having Your Car Windows Tinted in 2021

Car window film tints are good additions to your windows and screens. Tints eliminate glare and UV rays. They also add privacy and protection. Other premium films have extra features, such as enhanced protection capabilities.

You may be wondering about the current price range for getting tints for your cars. Let’s check out some of the prices in the current market. It should help you gauge the market prices to canvass the best options and quality window tint installs.


Price Range of Car Tints

The average price range for getting a car window tint is $200 to AU$500 for all windows. It’s AUD 70 for single windows. These aren’t the final ranges, though, as premium choices are more expensive to choose from.

The actual price depends on the car type and the window sizes and shapes. It also depends on the type of car you install. Some vehicles have wide backs and bigger windows or have different shapes within the frames.

Common wider vehicles have the most expensive tint work. People mover vans can cost around AU$325 to AU$500 with their longer glass frames. It takes up to 3.5 hours to finish tint installation. A coupe installation costs around AU$320 to AU$430 and takes up to 3 hours to install.

Wagons and SUV cars are also more expensive at AU$260 to AU$380. It takes up to 3 hours for the bigger cars to complete the installation process. Meanwhile, regular utility vehicles are usually AU$240 to AU$330 and take 3 hours to install.


Why Use Car Film Tints?

Car tints help protect the car from distracting glare and the sun’s UV rays. It also blocks out excessive heat from the sun. The lessened heat helps car air conditioning be more efficient. The 
3M Black Chrome window film blocks out 72 percent of the heat from the sun, maximising cold air and temperature control.

Tints also add some privacy for drivers and passengers. Other specialty tints have added features and functions, making them extra pricey, but they should be worth it if you’re looking for specific film properties. For example, Avery Dennison film tints have added protective properties such as extra glass security and holding broken glass from outside impact and damages. These premium features add high-level car protection aside from heat and UV ray protection.


Choosing the Right Tint Types

Car tints come at different prices. So to fit your budget, buy them according to the priority features you need most. You may need heat and UV ray protection for better air conditioning. Or darker tints for privacy and extreme heat and glare protection. Some car owners may need extra protection from external damage. Heavy protective car window tints that are more expensive are used. You need to sort out the most important features that you need that will correspond to a more realistic budget range for your film choices.


In Conclusion

You have a wide array of car window film choices to choose from. Some offer protection from the heat, UV sun rays, and glare. Those with darker tints protect from extreme heat. Others have protective film layers against external damage. Choose the most priority film for your car and know the price ranges to get the best price.

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