How to Prevent Window Film Bubbles

how to prevent bubbles in window films

If your car is outfitted with window film, you were probably also looking for an aesthetic upgrade along with the UV protection offered. When you begin to notice small bubbles emerging on your window surfaces, it can be very irritating. If you’ve got window tint bubbles on your windows, don’t worry – it can be fixed. Read on to find out how.

Why do these bubbles occur? 

If your window tint is still new, chances are it was because of poor film application. Sometimes liquid is trapped between your window and the sheet of window tint. Bubbles are to be expected during the first couple weeks while the tint is curing. If it is still there afterwards, however, your tint was probably applied badly.

If your tint is quite old, it is probably starting to break down or the glue is no longer as sticky, causing bubbles.

How do I prevent these bubbles?

Prevention is better than cure, right? Make sure you follow these tips to prevent bubbles:

  • Select a high-quality product. Window film that is of high-quality is much less likely to have bubbles.
  • Don’t install it yourself. There are expert installers out there who can do it a lot better than you can. The price will be worth it.
  • Use safe products. Some window cleaning products contain ammonia. Avoid these. Also avoid vinegar. The safest bet is to opt for products that specify that they are safe for window film. You could even use good ol’ soap and water.

These tips will significantly lower the risk of your window tint developing bubbles. However, it does sometimes happen. If it does, here is how you can fix them:

How do I fix these bubbles?

What do you do if your window tint gets bubbles? Honestly, the best policy is to have an expert do it – maybe even the one that installed them. Most of the time, these people offer insurance on the tint that they sell and install, so you may be able to get it fixed with no costs.

If you installed it yourself or are not covered by the guarantee, try the following steps:

  • Make sure the window in question is warmed, either by sunlight or a hairdryer.
  • Spray a little bit of lukewarm water to dampen the window, taking care to not soak it.
  • Use a pin to poke as small a hole as possible in each bubble.
  • While the window is still warm and moist, use something with a straight edge – a bank card, for example – to push the air out of the bubble, moving slowly and purposefully.
  • Wipe the window dry, and proceed to the next bubble.

It definitely is a time-consuming process, and one that will require a lot of patience. It’s a much better choice to install high-quality tint very well the first time, so you don’t have to worry about bubbling.

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