What to Consider When Hiring a Window Tint Company

Window Tinting

With the growing popularity of window tint, people are starting to recognize the benefits it is able to offer. Besides protecting your skin, window tint can also save energy costs, improve the temperature regulation indoors, and keep your furniture and carpeting in better condition. The increase of demand for window tints has resulted in an influx of people joining the industry to provide window films and installation services.

If you are shopping for window film, you are probably overwhelmed by the amount of options you have. There are so many types of films offered at many different prices, and it can be hard to determine which one is the best for you. Even if you have already figured out what window tint you need, it can be a challenge to find an installer that you can trust to do a good job. Here are a few things that you should ask when considering a window film installer.

How long have they been installing window film in this area?

A great way to really get an idea of how good a window film installer is is to assess whether their business has been able to thrive, even when faced with good competition. An outstanding installer’s business is able to flourish in the midst of opposition because they provide superior services at good prices. Though budget should be a consideration, it should not precede quality. You shouldn’t pay exorbitant prices if you think you are being overcharged, but also don’t discount installers who charge a little bit more than their competition. If they truly provide superior service, the higher price could be worth it.

Another reason you should consider how long they have been in the business is because if they have thrived for quite some time, they are more likely to stick around. If you ever need to use your warranty, they’ll be there.

What products do they offer? Do they provide a warranty?

Superior window tint installers usually offer you a wider range of window film to choose from. Because they are recognised in the industry, they will have access to more reliable window tint suppliers. If the one you are considering is trying to push only a few types of film, chances are they are either new and unestablished or trying to use up old, cheap, or damaged stock.

Warranties are incredibly important, so make sure you get all the terms and conditions straight before making a final decision. Quality installers often offer lifetime warranties on home installations and an approximately 10-year warranty on commercial installations. If your window film cracks, bubbles, or peels, you can get it changed at no costs. Be sure to avoid installers who don’t offer warranties, even if their prices are incredibly low. It demonstrates a lack of confidence in their product and skills.

Ask to see samples?

Talented sales people can sell anything. Don’t let yourself be swayed by words. Instead, take a look at what they can do. Ask whether you can see samples, and go online and read reviews. You may find great reviews from happy customers, or you may find dissatisfied people who did not get what they were promised. Established companies are sure to have reviews or samples that you can take a look at. Be wary of those that do not – they probably either deliver subpar work or are new to the industry.

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