Solar Window Tinting

Solar Tint

Applying solar film to your windows is extremely advantageous for you, your household, and your belongings. Not only will you benefit from the protection against harmful UV rays, but also protection from strangers’ peering eyes.

High-quality solar window film can last for two decades. That being said, you should put some effort into maintaining them to ensure that they are in good condition for years to come.

Your windows may be hazy for a short while

When professionals install your window tint, they use a solution to affix the film to the window glass. They will squeeze out as much moisture as they can with a squeegee when they are done, but there will likely be a little bit left.

Fear not – it won’t be there forever. As the moisture evaporates, the haziness will go away. It could be a couple days, or it could be a few weeks, depending on the weather and humidity of your area.

In Northern California, for example, window tints may take a little bit longer to dry during autumn and winter seasons. Try to keep your house at a warm temperature and keep humidifiers away from the windows until the haziness is completely gone.

The tint needs time to cure

Most solar films will take some time to cure before they reach their maximum strength. During this period, you may not be allowed to open or clean your windows. Be sure to ask your installers how long you should wait until your films are completely cured.

Use the recommended cleaning products

Many window cleaning products contain ammonia, which can fade out your window tints pretty quickly. Steer clear of these, and opt to use the products that the manufacturer recommends.

If you don’t want to purchase window cleaning products or prefer to clean with natural methods, you could dilute some dish soap or gentle shampoo with water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle, and there you go! No matter what solution you use, be sure to wipe your window dry after cleaning it.

Keep your windows safe from scratches

Solar window films are very smooth, so dirt probably won’t be too much of an issue. You may sometimes see oily fingerprints, however. When you clean the glass, try not to use paper towels or any similar rough material as it could scratch the tint.

Instead, use a microfiber cloth. It will easily wipe the window clean without leaving any lint.

Solar film is pretty sturdy. All the same, it can get scratched if something sharp moves against it. Avoid placing sharp or heavy objects such as furniture where it could accidentally scratch the film.

Don’t break the seal

As much as possible, professional window film installers try to use a single sheet of film for each window. When it comes to huge windows or leftover film pieces, however, they may have to cut two or more pieces to fit. You may notice a subtle seam in the middle of your window or even on the edges.

When you clean your windows, take special care to not break the seal. Clean in the direction of the film and make sure that all the edges are firmly affixed to the glass.

Be careful with decor

Some people like putting decorations in their windows. This is all well and good, but you have to exercise caution when any of your decor choices involve tape or suction cups. If you can, avoid them altogether. You could go for decorative films that will add some personality to your home without damaging your tint.

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