What You Need to Know About 3M Night Vision Window Films

What You Need to Know About 3M Night Vision Window Films

The window tinting industry has transformed over the years. From window films installed for aesthetic purposes, window tints are now utilised for functional reasons. Whether privacy, solar or security films, they all have unique selling points and essential features.

One type of window film that stands out today is the night vision window film. When it comes to this film, 3M is the leading manufacturer. The Night Vision Window Films by 3M offer protection from the sun’s UV rays and regulate heat and glare. Yet they still allow natural light into the room, increasing your comfort.

Let’s explore what the 3M night vision window film entails. Read below to learn more about it before you decide to contact a 3M window film supplier.


A glimpse of the past

3M took part in the window film industry back in 1966. They invented window films with metal materials used to reflect the sun’s heat away from windows. Most of these old metal window films were so reflective. They would come in various colours, such as copper, bronze, silver, and blue. Later on, they introduced neutral films that were more appealing to homeowners and commercial property managers.


Introducing night vision window films

3M window film technology has gone far when it comes to developing quality window films. Quite recently, they have introduced the window film series called Night Vision. The ultimate goal is to boost sun control and reduce interior reflectivity. This feature allows for clear, unobstructed views at night—hence, the name “night vision.”


Night Vision Series: The night vision window films come in four shades, as follows:

  • NV15: This window film has the darkest tinting.
  • NV25: This window film is the most popular choice due to its moderate tinting.
  • NV35: This window film has the second to the lightest tinting.
  • NV45: This window film has the lightest tinting.


The benefits of night vision window films

Here are some of the benefits of night vision window films:

  • Clear views: You can enjoy clear, unobstructed views all day and night due to the film’s low reflectivity.
  • Warm tones: This film perfectly blends the natural light and serves as a defense against solar rays.
  • Solar protection: This film can protect your skin from the damaging UV rays and your furnishings from fading. It helps prolong the vibrancy and lifespan of furniture, carpets, wood floors, and artwork.
  • Heat Control: This film can reject heat, particularly for dual pane windows, making you feel more comfortable at home.
  • Efficiency: This film can help reduce the costs of your air conditioning and other home appliances. It can help you save up on your monthly bills.
  • Comfort: This film helps preserve your room’s warmth and natural beauty for your utmost comfort.



There’s no denying that 3M is one of the leading window film suppliers in the market. With window films, such as the Night Vision series, you can take advantage of their features and valuable benefits in keeping your rooms comfortable and functional.

Ultimately, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re investing in window films backed by the resources of 3M with a solid reputation for quality products and excellent services.

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