Window Film Installation – DIY vs Hiring Experts

Window Film Installation DIY vs Hiring Experts

You might be enjoying the comfort and security that your home provides, but your privacy and safety can still be a concern even while you are staying indoors. Nosey neighbours and criminals can snoop around your house using your windows. Fortunately, you can easily address this issue by using window films. They can provide you with one-way daytime privacy that blocks the view from the outside in.

Meanwhile, if you are concerned about the rising heat in your property, window tints can also be the answer to your problem. Through solar control, the window film prevents heat buildup in your home by reflecting away the sun’s energy. This helps you maintain a pleasant temperature within your home and boost your property’s comfort level. Best of all, you can enjoy all of these benefits without having to block the natural light or the spectacular view outside your house.

In general, many homeowners saw the importance of window tints, which is why they seek the assistance of window film distributors to get their windows tinted. If you are considering applying window tints in your home and determining if you should do it yourself or hire professionals, then this guide is for you.


Is it advisable to apply window tints myself?

Tinting your windows on your own can be a hassle, most especially if you are unfamiliar with how it is done. If you decide to do it on your own, you should first acquire quality window tint supplies and follow the application instructions based on the type of film that you buy. Here are some steps that you can take:


1. Remove the backing sheet

Remove the thin backing sheet of your tinted window film. To do it easily, you may place masking tape on the sides of the film and peel the sheets apart gently.


2. Moisten the film and the window

Prepare a solution of washing up liquid and water and place it on a spray bottle. Moisten the side of the film with the backing sheet using the spray bottle and cover the entire side of the film. Afterwards, spray some solution to your window. Clean your window ahead of time to ensure that it is free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, and more.


3. Apply the film on your window

Apply the film on your window and use the solution to put it into place. Use a squeegee and some paper towels to remove excess water from the film and your window.


Is it better to have your window films installed by experts?

Hiring professionals to get your windows tinted ensures you to have a hassle-free and smooth experience. You don’t need to purchase supplies or apply the films yourself since the entire process will be handled by experts.



It all depends on your budget, skills, and preferences whether you will decide to install window films by yourself or hire a team that is qualified and capable of handling window film installation. When you decide to work with experts, turn only to an experienced team.

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