Why You Need to Switch From Your Cooling Systems to a Window Film

Why You Need to Switch From Your Cooling Systems to a Window Film

During the summer season, it’s so tempting to turn your cooling systems on all-throughout the day. However, these are expensive to maintain and can wear out in the long run, especially with continued use. Fortunately, there are alternatives to these systems.

Window film is a thin laminate film that you can easily install in your house, office, or even on your car. Depending on the season, it helps keep your property cool or warm, by blocking UV rays and reducing both glare and heat. More than that, it is cheaper and more cost-effective than any cooling or heating system, posing as a promising alternative.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are three reasons on why you should switch to using window film instead:


1. Cooling systems are expensive and high-maintenance

When it is hot, especially in summer, your first instinct is to turn your cooling system on. However, when the surrounding temperature is high, your air conditioner will struggle to keep up with the demand. This type of cooling system is prone to damage and breakage when used excessively, and repairs are expensive. It also needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the system working fine, which is costly as well.

Unlike with window film, you only need to spend money on it once, which is upon purchase. You just need to install it in your glass windows and it will function perfectly on its own. It doesn’t require regular maintenance aside from the weekly cleaning using a glass window wiper.


Additionally, installing a window film will encourage you to use your air conditioning less since the film reduces the amount of heat coming from your home.


2. Utility companies charge a premium during peak hours

 In case you didn’t know, utility companies charge a premium when a lot of people use air conditioning during peak hours, especially during summer seasons.

Again, window tinting reduces the heat coming into your home, as such, you won’t feel the need to use your air conditioning during peak hours. Hence, you cut significant costs on your cooling system bills.


3. Thermostats at home can’t give accurate readings

Unlike in commercial buildings, thermostats installed in most homes are not zoned properly. Usually, the heat that enters the homes comes from the South and West windows, which makes certain parts of the house cool and some warm. In that case, the thermostat won’t be able to give accurate readings because it can only read the temperature in the room where it is installed.

Since thermostats aim to balance out the temperature in the whole property, it will only give the same temperature to the entire property, making some areas cold, and some areas even colder. The problem with that is excess cooling or heat on some areas of your house adds costs to your bills.

Since window films are installed on windows, you can strategically plan its location. Install window films on warmer areas, and do not install ones on colder areas. Doing this will help balance out the temperature in your house without spending tons of money paying bills.



Window films are a good alternative to insulate your home. Not only is it cost-effective, but it gives several benefits that will help improve your lifestyle.

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